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Our customer promise


CHRISTIAN BAUER only buys materials of the very highest quality for its rings and processes them with great care and precision. The result: best wearing comfort, high value stability and unique style. As a sign of the uncompromising fulfillment of these quality standards, we engrave our seal of quality, the fir tree, into our rings.


In the CHRISTIAN BAUER manufactory, goldsmiths and gem setters craft each ring by hand. Unique pieces of jewelery are created with the greatest possible care and attention to detail. Many times the rings pass from hand to hand before being placed in the hands of customers.


CHRISTIAN BAUER engraves everything that binds lovers together on the inside of the chosen rings: miniature texts, fingerprints, secrets, wishes, of course also in handwriting or in any other graphic style. This is how the rings become something very personal.


The unmistakable style of the CHRISTIAN BAUER rings is created by the precious metals, the beauty of the stones and our unique product design. Each piece of jewelry is characterized by an extraordinary, timeless look.


CHRISTIAN BAUER protects natural resources and only processes certified gemstones and metals from stock that has already been mined. We produce exclusively in Germany and manufacture rings that accompany our customers for a lifetime.


A wedding ring is the symbol of love and fidelity, a symbol of permanence and infinity. Emotions are the basis on which every ring from the CHRISTIAN BAUER wedding ring manufactory is created, starting with the design right through to its final polish. They are the foundation of the company: passion, joy in creating together, solidarity - with each other, with our work, with our customers.


In 1880, the silversmith CHRISTIAN BAUER made his life decision: The 22-year-old founded a workshop in Welzheim, hired more masters and journeymen, trained apprentices... Today his great-great-grandson Felix Hirzel runs the family business in Baden-Württemberg, which specializes in high-quality wedding rings: " Tradition, inspiration and innovation complement each other in every piece from our manufactory. This is what the seal of quality stands for worldwide.”