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Wedding rings made of Yellow Gold

The classics

Individuality by 

All wedding rings can be made in any alloy that CHRISTIAN BAUER offers: white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum and palladium. This is possible because we make all wedding rings individually for the wearer.


CHRISTIAN BAUER Wedding rings made of Yellow Gold

The color of the sun captured in a precious metal: the warm glow of yellow gold evokes light, possesses positivity and has fascinated people for millennia. Gold is accepted and recognized as a status symbol around the world and has been fashioned into countless ritual objects, works of art and jewelry. Gold wedding rings are a classic symbol of love.

The golden CHRISTIAN BAUER wedding ring – the classic among the jewellery

Yellow gold is the most original of all gold alloys. In its natural form, gold is actually shiny gold-colored, which is why yellow gold is often referred to as an honest alloy. The yellow color is therefore already present when gold is mined and is in no way artificially produced. A gold wedding ring is a timeless classic. Like no other, he embodies the long history of this beautiful symbol. The connection between two people who profess one another was officially announced and confirmed in ancient times by wearing a ring. The most famous of all precious metals impresses with its warm and sincere color tone. As a wedding ring in gold, it is particularly in demand in Catholic areas such as southern Germany or Italy and is particularly revered in some cultures and religious groups.


Quality of golden wedding rings

Gold is a relatively soft metal, which is strengthened in its hardness and resistance by the addition of other metals. It is extremely easy to process and can be combined with other precious metals. It also carries precious stones safely and accentuates them with its cheerful colors. Perfect conditions for a CHRISTIAN BAUER gold wedding ring.


Its natural form

Gold occurs on our planet in the form of gold ores, i.e. rock containing gold, or in certain layers of sediment as mineral enrichments. Its gold content varies considerably. In its purest form, the alloy of 24 carats and a gold content of 99.9 percent, it is hardly or not at all represented on the jewelry market, since its metal properties, in particular its relative softness, cannot meet the demands in terms of durability. That is why yellow gold is offered in alloys of 8 karat (333 gold), 14 karat (585 gold) and 18 karat (750 gold). The house of CHRISTIAN BAUER concentrates on alloys in 14 and 18 carats.

But whether wedding rings in 585 gold or 750 gold: the happy smile on the faces of the bride and groom remains the same.