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Wedding rings made of Platinum

A myth

Individuality by 

All wedding rings can be made in any alloy that CHRISTIAN BAUER offers: white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum and palladium. This is possible because we make all wedding rings individually for the wearer.


Platinum is an amazing element

It combines the highest advantages of a noble metal with an optical beauty that is second to none. When people enter into a covenant of life, they are just as convinced of the rightness of their decision as of the exclusivity of their love. The wedding ring, which is supposed to symbolize this love, can be just as unique as the feelings between the lovers.

Great feelings and great hardness

Many couples intuitively opt for a platinum wedding ring. Platinum is extraordinary, has attributes that are absolutely contemporary and embodies a uniqueness that has symbolic power. Its great toughness promises eternity. Its heaviness and high density promise presence and durability. A platinum wedding ring is therefore the ideal companion to be able to wear it day and night and not have to take it off on certain occasions.


Unique purity

A wedding ring made of platinum is also bought for rational considerations. When crafted in 950 alloy, it is 950 parts platinum in 1000 (by weight, not volume), making it exceptionally pure. In this alloy, platinum then also has the hardness required for durability. This purity is legendary and unrivaled in the jewelry sector. At the same time, it forms the basis for the hypoallergenic properties of the jewelry metal.


Wedding rings made of Platinum - a valuable investment

The decision for a platinum wedding ring is supported by other arguments. Next to gold, platinum is currently the most valuable precious metal on earth. It remains to be seen how the cool metal will continue to develop in value, but gives reason for good hopes. Another point is the high corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance of platinum. A platinum ring will never need to be cleaned or polished, it does not necessarily require careful handling and it will retain its beauty no matter how many years it is worn.

The high art of manufacturing

Platinum is more suitable than any other precious metal for setting gemstones. Its high level of toughness allows the stones to be held securely and also promises the greatest time validity and value. Noble stone trimmings are also offered for wedding rings made of platinum. CHRISTIAN BAUER wedding rings are forged and rolled. This further increases the strength and toughness of the precious metal and thus promises the greatest quality.