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Wedding rings made of
White Gold

An elegant variation 

Individuality by

All wedding rings can be made in any alloy that CHRISTIAN BAUER offers: white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum and palladium. This is possible because we make all wedding rings individually for the wearer.


Wedding rings made of White Gold

White gold is the youngest of all jewelry metals and was only brought to maturity in 1917 in Pforzheim. At that time, the goal was to create an alloy that was white or silver-colored but still had the qualities of gold. White gold does not occur in its silvery form in nature, but is produced by adding other metals. The name white gold therefore only came about at the moment when the new metal was born.

What is white gold made of?

Wedding rings made of white gold are available from CHRISTIAN BAUER in 14kt and 18kt versions. For this purpose, gold, silver, palladium and copper are alloyed in-house in different proportions in order to achieve the desired color effect. The original golden-yellow tone of the natural gold is thus withdrawn by the other metals.

White gold has a very delicate brown tone in the original. If you don't want to leave this visual impression as it is, choose a rhodium-plated wedding ring made of white gold. During the rhodium plating process, rhodium is applied to the white gold ring in the mu range (µ). The wafer-thin layer of rhodium improves the surface quality of the jewelry. It gives it a light silver appearance reminiscent of the luster of platinum.


Timeless and elegant

White gold, like platinum and palladium, is considered to be an exceptionally talented combination due to its delicate colour. It combines all the advantages of an ideal jewelery metal with high relevance and value. Wedding rings or engagement rings made of white gold will still be wearable decades from now and delight with their beauty and elegance. White gold is just as predestined for fine stone setting as platinum or palladium.


A talent for combining bicolor wedding rings with white gold

In principle, a wedding ring made of white gold has the same properties as a ring made of yellow gold. Its delicate color allows both elegant and unusual creations and is also convincing in combination with metals of different colors. For example, wedding rings made of white and rose gold are popular worldwide and are also worn by men. Wedding rings can be made of white gold 750 gold.